Ball slapping

When his hard meat bone is in my mouth and I am giving him head like I am sucking him dry and as he is thrusting himself forward further into my mouth I have to grab the bottom half of his penis so he doesn’t ram it down my throat.  I use my hand as a stopper and as he pushes himself into my mouth his balls finish up almost resting in my hand, all ready for some juggling.  As he gains momentum I can feel his sack and its contents slapping against my chin and i love it, I will make sure my hand is able to brush against them somehow. I want the whole package just like when he fucks me,………………………….and I have to tell you that this business about Missionary being boring or ‘vanilla’ is not true.  The pleasure of  straight up Missionary position can bring just as much pleasure as any leg up over your head number’.  Laying down flat on my back with maybe a pillow to elevate me a little all I then have to do is open my legs wide and allow him entry into the confines of my hot cunt. Knees up, wide spread, pillow, cock, and i am ready.  Guide it in baby, nice and deep and let me feels those balls, hanging loose balls are best for butt slapping, full sack balls are good but the hangers are the best for this activity and pleasure. When I am so hot, wet and lubbed it just feels so fucking nice when you hear that slapping sound,  (the best idea I can give if you haven’t heard it when you clap the ends of your palms together, bit of a cupping sound, schlap, schlap, slop schlap, slop slop)  and his balls slap up against my wet, oops sorry, silly me, I meant soaked verging on dripping wet cunt by the time his rock hard cock gets in there, deep in there.  Has to be as deep as he can so ballslap me, start slapping and slopping,  I like it and when the momentum and rhythm builds and you orgasm, well, you know,lovely, and if there is overflow from my vagina his cum will usually ooze out and run onto his balls:)


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